What readers say about EAT AWAY ILLNESS

…”I recommend this book to everyone :) It has changed my life and I will never go back.” – A.H. Facebook comment.

I am really enjoying your book. (Eat Away Illness, 2nd edition) You did an excellent job. Your quotes on each page are excellent. Each page is memorable for the reader. Your knowledge is immense. Thanks again. – Clive

I am enjoying your book very much. I have tried a number of the recipes and we are making a serious attempt to initiate a lot of what we are learning. My husband has lost 8 pounds already. – Client

Paulette’s book “Eat Away Illness” is a wealth of valuable health information and recipes. The simple recipes and helpful cooking tips make it a must for any busy family that wants to keep themselves healthy. The well researched information really gives my patients the motivation they need to change their eating habits and incorporate new foods and recipes into their lives.– Julie Zepp, Naturopath
Regina Rehab and Family Medical Clinic

A valuable book for the information and the recipes. At least 80% of my cooking is done from Paulette’s books. I like the direction of keeping nutrition in the forefront, being aware of getting enough protein throughout the day and not overloading with carbs.– Tania Hughes, Food Assistant

“Eat Away Illness” is so comprehensive – full of wonderful and very useful information. My clients and students love the layout and the way it is organized. They are impressed with the amount of information, and are inspired by the quotes. Those with wheat and dairy allergies are excited about all of the recipes they can use. Thank you so much for this resource.– Pat Davey
Nutritional Consultant
Ontario, Canada

I was surprised to learn that healthy foods are enjoyable and delicious, and they nourish my mind and spirit as well. My immune system is strengthened; I no longer get sick, I feel younger, more energetic, and have lost 20 pounds.– Nancy

I just can’t put this book down. It is an amazing source of wellness information and recipes. This is what I have been looking for.– Maria, Inner Source Consulting

Paulette has a knowledge of the healing values of nutrition which very few ‘experts’ might attain. When diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was bombarded with information and advice from both medical and holistic sources. I was so pleased to have Paulette interpret this, and to give me a strict but not unpleasant diet that I religiously follow. My only suggestion to Paulette is to teach the medical community about the healing value of proper nutrition. Our medical doctors are in dire need of her knowledge.– Charlie Hanna
Construction Consulting Company

Your book is loved! My friend read it in one night and could not put it down until it was finished. Another friend lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks! – Dory, Chrysalis Consulting

Well put together. Lots of excellent theory, lots of great recipes.– Sonia

What readers say about COOK YOUR WAY TO HEALTH

It has become one on my favorite cookbooks. If I’m looking for something different, healthy, or interesting I always go to this book first. Recipes are quick and easy, and versatile. My granddaughter also likes to go to this book. – Alandra Taylor
About Cook Your Way to Health

I like the recipes because they are easy and easy to find, have few ingredients, and they are inexpensive. I love having the coil binding. – Theresa Chipeur
About Cook Your Way to Health

I love the recipes… they are easy to read and easy to do.   I also know they are made from whole foods, nothing processed.   I like the quotes as well. – Colleen Carr-Rodin
Singer, Musician

This is the book I turn to when I am looking for something nutritional and different.   Great substitutes for things that weren’t as healthy. – Jim Sharman
about Cook Your Way to Health

User friendly! – Vern about Cook Your Way to Health

Paulette’s book is truly a revelation in showing how healthy foods can be turned into tasty meals and snacks, with very little effort even for a bachelor with virtually no time to cook. – Charles Hanna, Author, New Jersey, U.S.A.
about Cook Your Way to Health

I LOVE the Savory Pepitas! – David about Cook Your Way to Health

What people say about Paulette’s Presentations

Thank you for the eye opener, people need to start eating better in general, and what you are doing is a blessing. – Tim Taylor, chef, Dandelion Market, Organza Market, Winnipeg.

Paulette Millis is a wonderful presenter. Her knowledge and the passion she has for her topic really made me evaluate and rethink what I am feeding my body. She motivated me to make some real changes for the better. Everyone could benefit from attending one of her sessions! – Marla Sunwest School Division Conference August 2012

I was sitting in one of your presentations and a lot of what you were saying were common sense things we should know but Doctors may not tell you. I had been running in circles from Doctor to doctor trying to get help with family health. ( such as Celiac, IBS, ulcers, and dealing with a totally rushed and over packed life style) When you live on the Prairies in a small town it is difficult to get Doctor appointments and answers. You feel like you are on your own. You had so many ideas to try to help bring your family back to health. I needed the book, Eat Away Illness as I would never be able to remember all of the suggestions. I actually felt so relieved to have a direction to take right away. I have highlighted the book and have post it notes on pages to try and keep trying. Thanks for really helping my family on this journey to recovery. I appreciate everything and look forward to talking to you again. – Shelley Follensbee, Eatonia.
Sunwest School Division Conference August 2012.

Dear Paullette Millis,
I sat in all three of your sessions today in Rosetown at the teachers’ Convention and bought all of your stuff. I can’t wait to read and watch the videos. I teach grade 12 Foods Studies in Kindersley Composite School and so I plan use the materials, try out some recipes and show the students the DVDs too. It was a great day, the best presentation I’ve attended in a long, long time – thank you so much! I am very interested in these topics and have done a lot reading. I did learn some new things in your sessions today as well. I’ll probably never buy Soy again.
Do you do classroom talks? I’m considering talking to my administration to see if they will pay for you to drive to our School to talk to our Foods classes. Thank you again for a great day!!
– Sincerely Jackie Foods 30 Educator August 2012.
Sunwest School Division Conference

I had such a great day at your Cooking Demo – I felt so much at home. It was PERFECT! I felt as if I were virtually part of a TV “set” – but in such comfort, watching the preparing and cooking of the wonderful food, sampling and appreciating/enjoying Paulette’s tutoring, support and comments. I was so impressed with Paulette – her approach to body healing is so refreshing. And with my scientific background (chemistry, earth science, environmental), her descriptions of what foods do and don’t do for you, was fascinating. I think that a lot of people would be so much more receptive to healthy eating if they had a thimble-ful of Paulette’s knowledge and ability to project it to others! I was and am, so impressed, even though I was the ‘token Man’ – which I think is hilarious, and was absolutely no problem to me! Maybe now, other Men will consider attending! – Participant

A Word from Paulette’s Clients

Paulette has given me the courage to go against the grain (literally!), her recipies and sessions have inspired me to always be mindful of whole grain alternatives and natural/raw foods in our diets and in my daily cooking. When our 13 year old son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease last fall, I came to Paulette looking for alternatives to a life of medications, medical procedures and pain. When we eliminated all gluten, dairy, eggs and soy from his diet, Paulette was instrumental in providing delicious alternative recipes and gave the moral support needed to change our eating habits so radically. Because of her knowledge of food, food combining, natural supplements/herbs, our son has been almost prescription free and most importantly, symptom free for months. Best of all, he is growing, healthy and pain-free. He has gone from 94 pounds to 108 and I am thrilled because I have been trying to help him gain weight for the whole year! – Leslie Basky

Paulette has knowledge and experience I have not seen anyplace else. She’s also had experience helping people heal where doctors have failed. Almost all of our medical difficulties are a direct reult of eating the wrong foods. Her books are very modestly priced. I can’t see how anybody can afford to live “well” without them. – Client

I have had a strong desire to eat too much food, and the wrong kind of food for as long as I can remember. I have worked to overcome this problem by adopting different types of diets but most diets were just another disguised form of starvation. Using Paulette’s approach, I no longer have food cravings. I eat as much or even more than before but do not eat the wrong kind of food. In fact, I now have an extreme dislike for the wrong kind of food. In addition, I have created a lifetime hobby related to eating, cooking, and experimenting with different kinds of food. I have felt a tremendous emotional lift. Despite my age I am perhaps in the best physical shape of my life. Over the years the test results of my medical physical checkup have improved dramatically. Best of all, I am doing and enjoying something I love …. food! – Dave

For years I have struggled with extensive health problems (Systemic Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Vasculitis, and depression) and have searched for solutions. My journey has led me to Paulette. In three months, after changing my eating habits and living a more nutritionally solid life I have experienced improved health. I have increased energy, lost 20 pounds, and am no longer taking the medications like steroids and anti-depressants, which I once was. The changes to my diet have improved my mood and overall health. – Lori

I have been receiving health advice and guidance from Paulette for approximately two years. I am a diabetic and have medication-controlled high blood pressure. I also have arthritis and my alimentary system was not working well. Now all of my systems are working well and I feel so much better. I now have the energy I was lacking and I work out at the Field House regularly. When one’s physical systems are healthy it pervades all of your systems; psychological, emotional and spiritual. – Lynne


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