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Paulette Millis is the author of five books as well as numerous articles and columns about nutrition and healthy cooking. She offers healing retreats, presentations, workshops, cooking classes, nutritional assessments and consultations to guide you through life issues and healing challenges using a natural approach to healing.

You often do not need drugs to manage symptoms and/or avoid disease. Eating natural, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods combined with holistic healing practices will give you the ability to eliminate many symptoms and/or prevent many illnesses. Eat Away Illness (Second Edition) by Paulette Millis is a best selling book that outlines how you can take charge of your health.


Paulette Millis is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and a Registered Social Worker, teacher, facilitator, counsellor, lecturing people through life issues and healing challenges believing that you can heal with nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements.

Paulette’s book “Eat Away Illness” gives the readers information on her natural approach to healing, brought about over the last 15 years as a result of her own healing journey.

Left disabled in 1989 by symptoms of Lupus, Sjogren’s, Reynauds and Hypothyroidism, she was told any lung infection could be serious and she would need to take medication for life.

Refusing to use drugs to combat symptoms, she began her journey of experimentation with natural foods, environmental and lifestyle changes, detoxification and emotional healing to rebuild her immune system and her life.

In that time, Paulette took on the roles of teacher, facilitator and counselor, addressing life issues and helping people empower themselves by reconnecting with the timeless wisdom of healing with nutrition.


The name “Eat Away Illness” originated as a book.  It was a culmination of years of effort, experience and tested knowledge about health.  The book became a bible of health knowledge and a bestseller in the process.  Its popularity raised attention.

The book’s phenomenon is proof that people do have a desire to heal themselves… and also that the knowledge in the book is sound … it does work.

Heartwood Healing Center is the next step beyond the book.

It is a center where people in all stages and aspects of healing join together for mutual benefit.

Health problems are definitely fixable.  Living our lives free of symptoms, prescriptions and side-effects is not fantasy.  The reality is that maintaining our health can be challenging.  With the right resources, that challenge can be a rewarding addition to your life instead of a painful distraction from it.  This freedom is a reality that many are already experiencing, and many more want to.

Everyone has a right to be educated about health and medical knowledge and to benefit from it.  We are responsible for the health of ourselves and our families.  Finding useful information for making decisions about health is important. Heartwood Healing Center is a way for us to do that.


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Paulette Millis, HealingWithNutrition.ca

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